About Us

Advanced Reality is a communication consulting company. We help organizations and people share ideas and information in a more reliable, efficient manner. Our engineers average more than 15 years each in the IT industry and have a broad experience base. We pride ourselves on bringing "unconventional" and "innovative" solutions to the table to allow our clients to get more value for their IT investment. Our experience helps us create solutions that are a good fit to each client's environment and goals.


We provide general consulting services but also offer what we refer to as IT Stewardship. This has become especially popular with small/medium businesses as it gives them the benefits of an experienced IT Director at a fraction of the cost. Please click on the Stewardship or Consulting link options above to get more information on each offering.

Technical Expertise

We provide complete solutions, everything from planning to implementation, support and documentation. Our engineers and consultants have a broad IT background but each one also has more specialized knowledge in several fields. Our in-house expertise includes:

  • Web Development
  • Linux and Open Source
  • Security
  • IP Networking

More information on these areas can be found on the expertise links above.


We have assisted a wide range of companies. Everything from Fortune 500 enterprises to small offices of 5 - 10 people. The projects we've worked on are as diverse as our customers. From technology companies such as ISPs, satellite communications and software development to older industries such as construction and mass media we have and continue to help our clients identify and resolve issues, improve communication and serve their customers on a higher level.