Ad Hoc

For unexpected, undefined or emergency needs we provide ad-hoc consulting. Ad-hoc consulting is offered on an "as-available" basis. We try to service all requests as soon as possible and will work with you to get a schedule that meets your needs. Contact us to discuss your particular needs and situation.


Projects have clear deliverables and can be sometimes done for a fixed price. Some projects can not be done for a fixed price due to a clear lack of all that will be involved. We can help you specify, complete and evaluate projects. We've been involved in every step of the project life-cycle so we can help you avoid scope creep while making sure you get the results you need.


Formal training (classes) are a special type of project. We can quote a fixed price for given a class in most cases (assuming the coursework is already done). Some of our personnel have been certified instructors in the networking field and have given hundreds of classes on various subjects. We also routinely offer short, basic presentations to open source user groups on a variety of subjects. If you would like coursework developed or classes to be given on a subject please contact us to discuss the specifics.