Networking has many layers and components that interact in often complex ways. Our processes and experience can help ensure a solid, maintainable design and smooth implementation from cabling to application. Higher costs, outages, and delays are usually the result of poor planning and/or implementation. We can help you avoid these.


Network Installation and Internet Connectivity

We will plan, install, document and test an IP network including servers, firewalls, routers, cabling and workstation configuration. We will configure your Internet connectivity and work with you to provide a supportable installation that meets your requirements.

Directory Services/LDAP

Company wide directory services provides you with centralized login for your workstations and applications such as web, email, filesharing, instant messaging, etc. Each user has one username/password that works across all enabled services. This greatly simplifies administration and improves security all while making your personnel more efficient. Portions of the information can be made available to others creating a company wide address book. We can help you plan and implement LDAP and LDAP-based directory services.

Voice over IP (VOIP) and Telephony

VOIP offers several advantages over traditional phone service including reduced costs, mobility and additional features such as simultaneous ringing of multiple phones. There are some potential pitfalls out there when implementing VOIP. We can help you determine where VOIP is right for you and help you get the most out of it.

Instant Messaging (IM)

IM allows text to be exchanged between two people quick enough to have a conversation. Group chat (multiple person IM) allows multiple people to join the IM discussion. Corporate deployment of IM is relatively new and there are several issues to be aware of. We can help you plan and deploy an IM solution that meets your needs.


Have problems with your current systems? Our fundamental networking knowledge allow us to systematically troubleshoot issues. Often we can identify problems just from the symptoms. Once the problems are identified we can resolve them.