Your security determines who can access your information, who can change your information and what can be done IN YOUR NAME. For these reasons everyone should be concerned with security. Security has as much to do with policies and practices as it does with technical implementations. We can help your organization become more secure.


Policy Development

Policies determine who can do what. Careful planning is needed to ensure people can do what is helpful but not what is harmful. Poor policies usually lead to personnel circumventing security and disregarding policies. We can help you develop and test your policies to ensure they are productive and protective.

Technical Implementations

Firewalls, Virtual Private Networks (VPNs), Intrusion Detection Systems (IDSs), Backup and Log Servers are all components used to implement security policies. We can help you plan, implement and support your security components.


It is often beneficial to have an outside firm check your security. We can check your security policies and implementation, identify the largest areas of threat and suggest security improvements.


We often hear from firms after they have virus or intrusion problems. How much you recover from intrusion or viruses depends on your current condition (do you have backups, how soon was intrusion detected, was intrusion contained, etc.) and how many resources you wish to expend to recover from it. We will advise and help you recover in accordance with your situation.