Web Development


Web Development is creating a system to deliver relevant information via web pages. The technical portions include creating the web pages, connectivity to data storage and external programs and when needed the data storage and external programs themselves. Just as important is the audience research and presentation. To communicate effectively you need to present the desired information in a desired manner. The web developer brings all the components together to make the web site or application work well.

Web Sites


External web sites are a representation of your company. They should integrate well with your other forms of representation (business cards, letterhead, marketing information, etc.) to deliver a consistent strong message and reinforce your brand. Creating content (information for the website) is easy, creating content that conveys your message in a brief and concise manner is more difficult. We will work with you to determine what and how to present in a manner in line with your company values and other representations.


A web site must be designed with maintenance in mind. A poorly maintained web site sends a very bad message and often causes frustration to your customers. The design must take into account what will be updated, by whom, what tools they will use and how they will be trained and supported.


The software used for the operation and maintenance of the web site should be carefully chosen. Portability, in-house expertise, licensing costs are just some of the factors that effect tool selection. Poor choice in tools usually leads to high operating costs. When appropriate we try to leverage free open source tools that are used by most ISPs. This provides our customers with a large pool of support people, portability to many hosting providers and very limited licensing concerns.

Content Management Systems

A Content Management System (CMS) is a website that allows users to update the web site through special web pages. It often has a permissions system, calendar, forums and other functionality. We can help you determine if a CMS is the correct tool for you, and if so work with you to help you utilize these flexible tools.

Web Applications

Web or Classic Development?

Web applications have several advantages over classic applications. They are easier to maintain, distribute and scale because they use standard web components (web browser and web server). Multiple platforms (PC, Mac, Linux, some handhelds) and OS versions can access them providing a longer lasting cross platform application. Some tasks however are currently not well suited for web applications. We will help you choose when to use web applications and when not to.


Web applications often have more complexity than your typical web site. We will work with you to identify the functionality and interface desired. Our experience can help you through this process quickly and efficiently. A good design saves both time and money during development and when maintaining or extending the application.


Once you have a design we can implement the web application including database, external programs and even hosting. We can take ownership of a small piece or the complete project as you like.